Once again we are on the hunt for Zimbabwe Weddings Bride of the year. The Bride of the Year 2018 contest will run until February 2019 after all entries for December 2018 weddings have been received. 

The Grand finalle will be in March 2019 where all the Monthly Winners will contest for the Bride of Year 2018 crown.




Please pay attention to the voting rules below as they can lead to disqualification.


1. All voting is done online via our website voting system.

2. You can only vote once for a Bride (i.e. 1 vote per person per bride) will be accepted.

3. Any attempt to cheat or mislead the voting system will lead to automatic disqualification.

4. If we detect that multiple votes for the same bride are coming from the same device (e.g. the same phone/laptop/iPad) this will lead to automatic disqualification.

5. Brides and their supporters are allowed to mobilise votes of family, friends and relatives through sharing on social media however attempting to buy or solicit Votes from strangers via "buy votes" "get votes" websites will lead to automatic disqualification.

6. After reviewing the votes, Zimbabwe Weddings reserves the right to cancel a contest or disqualify candidates especially in the case where anomalies have been identified.

7. The bride with the most votes wins (subject to the above rules) 

8. Please note: Voting will be restricted to Southern African Countries Only




1. The Contest is only open to Zimbabwean brides who got married in 2018.

2. Brides are categorised by month in which they were married.

3. Based on the number of brides contesting for that month, one or two winners will be chosen each month based on online voting results.

4. The winner with the most votes for each month will become a finalist (and win the Monthly Prize and also enter the draw to win the Grand Prize).

5. The Grand Finalle (Bride of the Year Finals) will be made up of all the monthly finalists. 




1. Send us 4 gorgeous, awesome pictures of the Bride:

    • 1 picture of the Bride alone
    • 1 picture of the Bride and her Groom
    • 1 picture of the Bride and her Bridesmaids
    • 1 picture of the Wedding Cake

Please also include the Names of Bride & Groom ; Date of Wedding ; Name of Photographer, Name of Wedding Venue and Name of Cake Maker.


Send this information and the pictures via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , via facebook OR DM via Instagram 


2. (Optional) You may also send us the rest of the wedding pictures if you wish to share them on our Facebook Page & Website


3. Once your information is received we will create your entry for the bridal contest